zondag 20 april 2014

Lua sleep sack - testing a Straight Grain pattern

Lucky me

I (and with me some other great sewers)
 had the chance to test the Lua sleep sack pattern
created by An of Straight Grain

The only thing when testing for baby thingies
is that you need an actual baby
to try it on...
And as my two little monsters aren't that little anymore
I had a bit of a problem

Need's a baby, right?

So I called the day care where my youngest used to go
"I need a baby!" I said
After hearing what it was all about
and determining I wasn't some crazy person
I got to try the sleep sack on an adorable little lady

Be warned
the cuteness factor is in no way diminished 
by the fact that these photo's were taken with an I-pad

Little princess ready for nap time

 Look at those curls!

The sleep sack was
tested and approved by the day care ladies
"Easy to put on, we might need some of these"

Thanks to An for letting me be part of the test panel!
Now let's all hop over to Straight Grain to make one of your own!

For the non-Dutch speaking readers,
please feel free to drop by my blog any time
I usualy don't write in English, but
there's a translate button on the right hand side
Although I must say that the button has a funny way of translating my 'slang'
but you'll get the intention of it I guess

Pattern: Lua sleep sack - Straight Grain
Outside fabric: Madrona Road - Violet Craft for Michael Miller - de Stoffenkamer
Lining and batting: some gorgeous cotton from the local thrift store

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